Monday, March 1, 2010

Heading Out to DC

Tonight I'm heading out to Washington DC to go see my sisters. I figure now would be as good a time as any to start up the blog again to due something interesting going on in my life that's not directly war related.

I'll be honest. Spending months writing posts with little to no feedback was discouraging. I spent a herculean amount of effort into writing nearly six month's worth of posts and the rewards did not seem to warrant the effort at the time. Today was one of the rare good days were nearly everything has gone right thus far, and I'm hoping my good fortune will spill into my blogging.

My train leaves in a few hours. It will be the first I have ever ridden on for the purpose raveling across multiple state lines and with any luck will not end up crashing down in flames as most of my travel seems to find the time to do.


RanAnxiang said...

Excellent. I look forward to hearing of your exploits. They say trains hardly ever crash...though Godzilla is apparently fond of crushing them.

Pete said...

I understand how you feel about the months of blog entries, but my good friend it is 6 months of entries man. It would take a while to read all of them. I did read some of them and left comments, so I appreciate the blog. And also enjoy yourself in D.C.

Anonymous said...
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